Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Double Surprise!!

Harini aku dapat dua surprise!
Bangun je pagi-pagi bukak emel. Dalam banyak2 emel tu ada satu dari syg...heheh die bg lagu ''everyday i love u" feeling lak pagi2 tadi kan dengar lagu tu huhuh.. Kalau dengar betul2 maksud lirik lagu tu memang ley feeling2 air gitu la...hehehe

I don't know but I believe
That somethings are meant to be
And that you'll make a better me
Every day I love you

I never thought that dreams came true
But you show me that they do
And now that I learn something new
Every day I love you

Cos I believe that destiny is out of our control
And you never leave until you love with all your heart and soul

It's a touch when I feel bad
It's a smile when I get mad
All the little things I had
Every day I love you


If I asked would you say yes
Together we're the very best
I know that I am trully blessed
Every day I love you

And I'll give you my best
Every day I love yo

Surprise yang kedua ialah bile aku bukak blog ni nak post kan entry baru ni. Tetengok je dashboard blogspot ni da cun! hehehe bersemangat terus nak taip entry ni! I love u la blogspot!

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